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The Danish Industry Foundation develops and supports innovative, inspirational and economically sustainable projects and initiatives that strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish industry.

The Foundation is an engaged philanthropic foundation, which purpose is to support and enhance the competitiveness of the Danish industry.

Competitiveness is crucial to the future success of Danish companies. The industry and business communities are key elements to growth, prosperity and job creation. In collaboration with the scientific and educational institutions, these key elements can create, market and export innovative business concepts and technologies, which will lead to a sustainable growth - economically as well as environmentally.

The Foundation focuses on four drivers, which support our mission and are capable of creating value and growth:

  • Knowledge
    Enhancing productivity and value creation in the industry by obtaining new knowledge and methods. As such, this driver concentrates on creating and sharing new knowlegde and implementing innovative methods in the Danish industry.
  • Competences
    The industry needs access to relevant people. Education and vocational competences are essential for Danish enterprises in order to succeed.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    Stimulating the entreprenurial and innovative spirit, and realizing the growth potential of being an entrepreneur. This driver provides new opportunities for product development, production and efficiency for existing entities, but also for the establishment of new ones.
  • Globalisation & Openness
    Utilizing global growth opportunities. More specifically this driver shall help Danish companies to get a share of the global market and develop models for cooperation within and across industrial and national borders.


What we do

The Foundation supports projects that generate application-oriented knowledge, new competences and innovation, benefiting the industry. Through inspiration and project development, the Foundation's means must help bridge cooperation between science and business. As well as supporting application-based projects, the Foundation also develops its own strategic initiatives within areas that can contribute to an overall strengthening of the industry and business communities.

Each year, the Foundation aims at funding projects for up to 30 Million Euros. All projects must be open-sourced, and consistent with our mission and strategy. Thus, the Foundation's secretariat is actively engaged in all projects, and emphasizes communicating and sharing the findings and outcomes for the benefit of the applicants, companies, scientific community and other stakeholders.

Established in 1898, the Danish Industry Foundation is a registered business foundation and reports its annual accounts to the Danish Business Authority. In cooperation with the secretariat, a board of directors governs the Foundation's equity of approximately 650 Million Euros.