Mission and Strategy

The Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond in Danish) was founded in 1898 under the name Kreditforeningen for Industrielle Ejendomme. Danish industry and commerce had a hard time financing development and property projects in the late 1800’s agricultural society. The Foundation therefore established itself as a mortgage association to offer financing to the Danish business community, with a particular focus on the industrial sector.

Since its establishment in 1898, the Foundation has undergone several mergers and adaptations. In 2009, however, it divested itself of its commercial activities and became the Danish Industry Foundation as we know it today.


The Danish Industry Foundation's objective is to promote the competitiveness of Danish industry.

Competitiveness is defined in general terms, though the Foundation prioritises projects with the greatest value increment to companies for the benefit of Denmark as a whole.

Focus areas

The Danish Industry Foundation is particularly interested in strengthening the growth of companies by developing and supporting projects focusing on:

  • Internationalisation - specifically, creating more opportunities for companies to participate in global commerce
  • Creating and applying knowledge - specifically, ensuring that companies are aware of new knowledge and how to apply it in practice
  • Introducing new technologies - specifically, helping companies to implement new technologies more quickly and with greater success
  • Innovation - specifically, supporting companies in transforming themselves
  • Ensuring that the relevant competencies are available - specifically, ensuring that companies have access to a large and highly qualified labour pool

In this context, the Foundation views the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an expression of some very specific challenges that the world will increasingly be searching for solutions to. Denmark and its companies are very well-positioned to supply these demands, and the Foundation therefore will work to increase competitiveness by promoting the use of the SDGs to drive innovation.

By doing so, companies will become familiar with the SDGs and develop specific business models, products and services to solve them.

Target group 

The Foundation's target group covers all Danish companies, but it is particularly focused on the SMEs and entrepreneurs with growth potential. 

The Foundation may support projects intended for only a few companies, but the emphasis is always on making the new knowledge available to the business community and society at large and ensuring that the companies’ participation in the Foundation's projects make an active contribution towards spreading knowledge for the benefit of all.

Additionally, the Foundation focuses on projects that will in general contribute towards increasing growth and competitiveness for the Danish industry.

The Foundation's value creation

The Danish Industry Foundation is a committed philanthropic foundation and works to ensure that each Danish krone given and every single project has a positive impact on the competitiveness of the Danish industry. The Danish Industry Foundation creates value by:

  • Being a catalyst for change in both the individual companies and society at large
  • Striving for the greatest impact possible, thereby scaling projects and knowledge to reach the many
  • Being curious and taking the lead when it comes to embracing the future
  • Being agile and willing to take risks

The Foundation's instruments

In order to create change, the Danish Industry Foundation uses a wide variety of instruments: 

  • The Foundation enters into partnerships with others when it leads to greater chances of implementing large projects that benefit Danish industry
  • The Foundation welcomes unsolicited applications that contribute towards increasing growth and competitiveness
  • The Foundation frequently sends out theme-based calls for applications defined by the Danish business community
  • The Foundation develops its own initiatives aimed at helping Danish businesses in selected areas
  • Finally, the Foundation also communicates new knowledge and results to the Danish business community

Organisation and governance

The Board of Directors is the Danish Industry Foundation's supreme authority. The board is in charge of overseeing the Foundation's activities and ensuring that the activities are planned, managed and executed in a sound manner consistent with the provisions of the law and the Foundation's by-laws. The board employs a director, who manages the daily operation.

The Danish Industry Foundation's strategy adresses  the Foundation's focus areas, value creation and instruments. In addition to the strategy, the Foundation has also published it's Allocation Policy. Both publications are available belowBegge dele kan læses her.


STRATEGy & Allocation policy

Read about the Danish Industry's strategy and allocation policy in it's entirety by using the link below.