The Danish Industry Foundation focuses on four specific drivers to develop and support initiatives, activities and projects - primarily in Denmark, but also abroad:

  • Knowledge
  • Competences
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Globalisation & Openness

In cooperation with the secretariat, the board of directors governs the Foundation’s equity of approximately 650 Million Euros. The Danish Industry Foundation has more than 100 active projects in its project portfolio. All projects are presented in Danish on and some of them have strong ties to countries or regions outside Denmark. A number of projects are shortly described below:

  • House of The Danish Industry Foundation
    The Foundation is building a university in Beijing where students, professors, scientists and companies from China and Denmark can meet and collaborate on various topics and projects.
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  • Danish Water Technology House
    The Foundation has established an office in Singapore where Danish companies can approach the East Asian market for water solutions and learn from local companies in countries where water ressources are scarce and knowledge plentiful.
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  • House of Green
    House of Green is a showroom for Danish technologies within the cleantech sector. Physically, there are showrooms in Copenhagen and in New York City. Furthermore, House of Green, together with State of Green, hosts guided tours in Denmark where foreigners can visit and meet companies from the cleantech sector.
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  • Suitable for Markets in Asia
    The aim of the project is to spread elements of the Suitable-method, based on the experience of a previous project “Suitable for Growth”, thus support Danish companies to grow their business in four selected Asian markets: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and South Korea.
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  • AM-Hub
    The project will encourage the Danish industry to engage with 3D printing technology and clarify the relevance and possible use of additive manufacturing. AM-Hub aims to involve research and educational institutions, advisors and other relevant actors who can contribute to Danish SMEs' gaining access to skills, advisory and testing facilities in additive manufacturing. The intention is to release the innovation and competitiveness of 3D printing technology.
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  • Danish Tech Challenge
    Danish Tech Challenge is a unique incubator programme specifically designed for hardware entrepreneurs. In the programme the entrepreneurs will accelerate the development of their businesses while at the same time participating in the competition to win The Danish Industry Foundations’ Entrepreneur Award.
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  • Simplimize
    The project has developed the Simplimize-method, which is an operational procedure for simplification of companies’ product range. The method creates a structured frame for developing an optimal product architecture, an effective production layout and an improved innovativeness. The process strengthens the competitiveness by providing both lower costs and effective innovations.
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  • SDG initiatives
    A number of projects working with the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) has been initiated. The projects aspire to accelerate Danish private-sector engagement in the SDGs by showcasing new sustainable business opportunities and empowering employees to take action.
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  • From Big Data to Big Business
    There is an enormous profit potential for manufacturing firms in big data. But one of the key barriers to obtaining data-driven growth is the lack of knowledge about which capabilities are needed to extract value and profit from data. The project have therefore developed a research-based capability-mapping tool, entitled DataProfit, which is useful when creating data-driven growth in a company.
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